The Story of Amani's Makings

My Journey

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Thank you for taking the time to view my website and get to know a few things about me.

I'm a young teen who has always had an eye for fashion, art, jewelry, hair accessories and really just anything that allows me to be me. I love to read, volunteer and help people (especially babies and kids). My dream is to hopefully attend Princeton University and become a Psychologist. I have a long ways to get there, but I'm doing really well in school. With COVID restrictions, times have really changed and I try to keep myself busy. I've made things for my hair and repurposed clothes, so the only thing that was missing were accessories. This is when my mind went into overdrive and I thought of making jewelry and other goods.

I've always wanted to own a business so that I could donate some of the proceeds to children's hospitals and pediatric charities. I remember telling my parents when I was really young that I would be my own boss. I knew that I could do it and had their support. So I used some of my savings and decided to show them that I was serious and also ready. I made a few pieces and really shocked them. They then gave me $100 to get started and here I am writing you this story on my own website. I would have never imagined doing all of this at a young age, but just want everyone to know that dreams really do come true. Dream big and never give up!

~ Amani's Makings